Honey Lavender Lemon Pepper Wings

Head to Kroger and pickup some Lefty’s Spices Fish & Chicken mix add about a 1/2 cup to mixing bowl and 1 cup water or to consistently liking once you start stirring. In another add a cup of all purpose flour to an additional mixing bowl. Add in about TBSP of Thyme, black pepper, chili…

Stay Fresh!

Lunch @thefreshmarket is always a great decision! Stopped at the Buckhead location for a quick bite and chose the Korean bbq bite with sweet potato kale salad and mac & cheese!

The Real Taste Of Atlanta

Ikhlas Superb Seafood is an Halal neighborhood eatery located in East Point. Strictly comfort food for when you’re not in the mood to cook or go sit in an overcrowded restaurant, I do however suggest you call your order in before arriving!

Feed Me Feed Me!

Feed Fried Chicken and Such in Battery Atl which houses the Atlanta Braves new home SunTrust Park is one of the many restaurants that resides there. It’s not your regular chicken shack, it’s equipped with an outside bar and even though I don’t drink I always find myself standing there with a sandwich or drumstick…